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Lumens is a series of photographic images created without the use of a camera. They are photograms of organic and inorganic materials placed onto black and white photo paper. The images are exposed using UV light and are dependent on exposure time, heat, humidity and the combination of the organic materials and the type of sensitized paper.  The plant materials generate their own color when combined with the chemicals in the paper.  Each image is unique and I love that you never know what will emerge on the paper after the exposure.  Because the image is very textural when it is created, I try to bring back some of that texture in the presentation by digitally printing a scanned or photographed image of the original lumen print onto dupioni silk and then attaching it to a wooden panel.








Too often, things go unnoticed unless captured in the frame.  I love to photograph scenes that are often overlooked by other people.  This project, Left Behind, is a series of images of found objects that have been abandoned, forgotten or ignored.  There is evidence of an existence or a happening, either by man, nature or time. 

When something is thrown away on the street, placed on a shelf or left behind for time and nature to remold, it may be never looked at or thought of again.  Its impact is too often meaningless.  We can choose to ignore it or choose to appreciate its past, its simple beauty and its impact on the surrounding environment.   We can start to ask questions.  Where did it come from and why was it left there?  How does what we leave behind change the current surroundings and does anyone care? 

By capturing these scenes in a photograph, they perhaps gain new life as we start to look beyond their surface quality.  We can start to notice the simple beauty in these pieces of everyday life that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.   The viewer is invited to draw their own conclusions about what’s happened there and think about what they will leave behind in this world, both physical and spiritual, and whether or not it will be valued and appreciated or discarded and forgotten.





“It’s always been my philosophy to make

art out of the everyday and ordinary...

it never occurred to me to

leave home to make art.”


- Sally Mann

Living in the Midwest lets you experience the beauty

that each season brings. I have always been drawn

to making photographs of those everyday scenes that

are usually overlooked. The long, cold, seemingly

endless winter of 2014 gave me the opportunity to

reflect on making those type of images from scenes

at home. Doing this has allowed me to further

appreciate what is right in front of me. Winter

Reflections is a series of images from my home,

in which I captured the winter light that was constantly

shifting, changing and disappearing. Waiting for the

season to change let me capture these scenes that

could only be visible in the winter.